It’s thought that 94% of road traffic accidents in the US are caused by human error. The rise in self-drive cars is thought to be the next technological advancement for the automotive industry. Deep Map are a HD mapping service for automated self-drive cars. Just as manual cars, automated self-drive cars need to understand the environment they drive in – including the safety of pedestrians, potential blocking objects or information signs. By combining rich data collected by their laser devices, and using images from digital cameras, Deep Map build 3D maps to enable the cars to identify their surroundings for safety and efficiency.


If self-driving cars are going to become part of our lives, safety is imperative and needs to be integrated now. Deep Map are a uniquely talented team made from ex-Google Maps and ex-Apple Map employees who develop the mapping as a full stack service. This involves from map creation (including high level localisation) to map servicing, integration to cars and managing the data on the cloud.


In 2016, US Congress passed the Self-Drive Act, and Lyft were quick to announce their self-driving fleet along with Uber. However when an autonomous Uber tragically took the life of a woman in Arizona, the need for further research into the safety and technology surrounding self-driving cars became even more pertinent.


Deep Map raised $25m series a round led by Accel, and previously $7 million led by Andreessen Horowitz totaling $32 million. They have customers across three continents