TypingDNA combines AI and behavioural biometrics as an identification verification tool. By tracking how you type on a keyboard (for instance how long you hold a certain key down, or the time it takes you to move between keys) their application can quickly identify if it’s the true you, without the need for additional hardware or software. The API can be quickly integrated for multiple business uses, offering security and peace of mind against fraudsters.


Current security protocols such as two-step verification can be fiddly, require multiple devices and cause frustration among users. TypingDNA have a 99% accuracy rating, and copying someone’s typing habits would be seemingly more difficult than accessing a second security code.


63% of data breaches are because of weak or stolen passwords, but the poor user experience associated with two-step verification puts companies off using it. TypingDNA offers an innovative solution for multiple user cases – for example in finance, where you could use the application to prevent security breaches caused by identity thefts.


In 2016 TypingDNA raised an undisclosed amount in a seed round let by Gecad Ventures. Followed by their development, in March 2018 TypingDNA have launched a free Chrome extension as a two-step verification with services like Gmail.