This start-up is developing an automated cloud solution based on big data and quantum chemistry for the chemical and pharma industry, applying machine learning and data science to model chemical properties and reactions for the design of new drugs and materials. It works by using an online computational chemistry platform to deliver highly accurate analytics for all of chemistry through its managed cloud computing, in-house automation algorithms and large-scale database. Through easy access to state-of-the-art methods in chemical theory, ChemAlive’s platform allows for fast and efficient results useful to experts and non-experts alike in academia, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and manufacturing organisations.


Although the software is still under development, the platform interface is ready to demo. More than 30 institutions have already engaged with the beta module. ChemAlive seeks to expand the scope of applications of its product suite and will run a project aimed to commercialise machine learning applied to chemical modelling in real time; combining data science, machine learning and chemistry to bring quantum chemistry to the next level.


One of its first clients is Saudi Aramco, the largest Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company. Three additional clients are already on board, with pilot projects currently in progress.


ChemAlive has received a small Swiss government grant of £750k, as well as money from the MassChallenge awards and Climate-KIC. This will help facilitate the ongoing software development and accelerate the time to market.